Disney+: A Universe of Shared Stories For Parents and Children

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Have you ever finished an amazing series or movie wanting to immediately share the show’s lessons with your kids, only to realise what you just watched may not be kid-friendly? Or maybe stories about grit and desperate survival are what you’re drawn to, but it’s not quite the kind of theme you want your children watching?

Disney+ is here to help you with that exact problem, because with such an amazing variety of stories across all genres and mediums, we’ve got the stories you love in forms that your kids can enjoy too!

If you like stories about… Striving For Success Despite Facing Limitations
Many people love a good heartwarming story about an underdog. For the adults, that same theme with a little danger, action and heart-pumping fight sequences can take it to the next level. Consider 
Echo, the newest Marvel series centred around a deaf superhero who turns her disability into her strength as she attempts to escape the clutches of the mafia while reconnecting with her family. Not something a show for the young ones but that’s where Finding Dory comes in – this beloved Pixar film that follows the adventures of a little fish trying to find her lost family through the fog of short-term memory loss.

If you like stories about… Unexpected Pairings
There’s a reason why shows like these are popular: two complete opposites get paired up, hijinks ensue, and lessons are learnt. A classic form of this trope is the buddy cop show, like the new Korean series Flex x Cop. Coming exclusively to Disney+ on January 26, the show pairs up a seasoned detective with a spoilt rich boy.. While this crime drama may not be age-appropriate, something similar can be explored in the dynamics of literal opposite elements, water element Wade and fire element Ember in 
Elemental. In a world where fire elements face prejudice, Wade teams up with Ember to save her family’s business, discovering that sometimes, the best results come from the most unlikely pairings.

If you like stories about… Surviving Dystopian Worlds
Sometimes, it’s stories about surviving against the odds that scratches our streaming itch. For those looking for something to fulfil that need, Sand Land is a new anime offering based on a Japanese manga. This series follows a group of rebels and their ally demons who will do anything they can to overthrow a greedy King who has left his citizens suffering. The series premieres exclusively on Disney+ on soon, but while you wait, you can join your children in catching an old favourite, 
WALL-E! This moving film features the titular lonely robot WALL-E, as he persists in his honourable but hopeless mission to make a polluted earth habitable again. With the help of his mechanical mates, he ends up giving hope to mankind after all!

If you like stories about… Discovering New Worlds
Star Wars mums and dads, this one’s for you. Almost no other franchise exemplifies exploring new worlds like Star Wars, and 
Ahsoka takes that to the next level with the reveal of a whole other galaxy that our heroes must find a way to travel to in order to save a friend. While the story of Ahsoka has its roots in an animated series, this new live-action may not be the most appropriate for kids. There is another option though – Peter Pan & Wendy, ironically a live-action adaptation of an animation, follows the classic story of journeying to Neverland and all the wonders it beholds. Tales like these, whether for adults or kids, prove that we should always keep our minds open to the possibilities of the impossible!

If you like stories about… Secret Identities
There’s something universally appealing about having secrets, whether you’re young or old. Perhaps for children, it’s the thrill of hiding something from your parents, like Mei from 
Turning RedBeyond just crushes or sneaking out of the home, Mei hides her furry alter-ego from her mother, leading to disastrous results. For parents with a taste for the clandestine, Werewolf by Night is a must-watch. The acclaimed Marvel movie follows Jack Russell, an acclaimed monster hunter who has to hide his hairy secret as he competes to become the next leader of the hunters. At the end of the day, these shows prove that embracing who you are is almost always better than hiding it.

Parents, now you can watch parent-appropriate shows while your little ones catch the child-friendly versions, and you can all reconvene in the family room for a fruitful discussion on the lessons you’ve all learned from Disney+! Have fun and happy watching!


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