McDonald’s is launching “Feelings Cards” to help Children identify and express their emotions for its Family Mental Wellness Campaign


As part of its continuing commitment to promoting family mental wellness, McDonald’s is set to launch “Feelings Cards,” a user-friendly tool specifically created to assist children in recognizing and communicating their emotions. These cards are an addition to McDonald’s ongoing brand advocacy campaign on Family Mental Wellness, which was initiated last year to raise awareness among parents about the significance of their children’s mental health.

The ‘Feelings Cards’ – Each pack includes 20 different ‘feelings’ to help young children to identify and regulate emotions

It is important to talk about feelings because it helps young children in processing their emotions and developing resilience. The “Feelings Cards” were designed to assist children in recognizing and expressing their emotions, with the ultimate goal of promoting more meaningful and deeper conversations between parents and children about their mental health and overall wellbeing.

Mr Benjamin Boh, Managing Director, McDonald’s Singapore shared that “As a brand that has been serving families in Singapore for generations, we believe there is no greater purpose than walking alongside the families that we serve and support. The ‘Feelings Cards’ is part of our efforts to further deepen awareness on the importance of children’s mental wellness amongst parents. Ultimately, we hope this tool will play a part in helping parents create a safe space for their children.”

Activity Cards included in every pack of ‘Feelings Cards’

Last year, McDonald’s launched its Family Mental Wellness campaign through an awareness video titled “Always Being There” and a series of parenting workshops known as the “Triple P,” conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and Families for Life (FFL).

Mr Ishak Ismail, FFL Chairman shared that “Families for Life (FFL) recognises the important role of parents in building strong and resilient families. Parents lay the foundation for children to communicate their feelings, develop strong values and build resilience. The launch of the ‘Feelings Cards’ is a very meaningful partnership between FFL and McDonald’s to give parents a tool with which to talk to their children about their feelings and support their mental wellness. We are also delighted with FFL’s on-going collaboration with McDonald’s, to bring the Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) seminars to 10 more restaurant locations this year. You can get parenting knowledge and tips right in your neighbourhood!”

How the ‘Feelings Cards’ work:
Each pack of ‘Feelings Cards’ includes 20 ‘feelings’ cards, each featuring an illustrated ‘feeling’ character on one side and a set of questions on the other – which could help parents initiate deeper conversations with their child about how they are feeling. Additionally, there are also ‘Activity’ cards to help children express their feelings, such as giving their loved ones a hug or showing appreciation.

The first weekend distribution of the ‘Feelings Cards’ is on April 22 & 23, with every purchase of a Happy Meal® instore or via delivery. This will continue the following weekend on April 29 & 30, while stocks last.

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