W Optics® Aims To Raise Awareness Of Kid’s Myopia For Healthy Vision Month In May 2023


W Optics®, Singapore’s leading myopia specialist, is dedicated to educating the public about myopia in children and providing effective solutions for managing it. Since myopia is a manageable condition, it is crucial to detect and address it at an early stage. Therefore, W Optics® encourages parents and caregivers to take their kids for regular eye examinations, which can help detect and mitigate the condition. As Healthy Vision Month is approaching in May, W Optics® is taking this opportunity to raise awareness about kids’ myopia. With the aim of sparking conversations about the issue, the company is promoting a holistic two-pronged approach that involves wearing Essilor® Stellest® Myopia Management Lenses and spending at least two hours outdoors every day.

The newly launched W Optics® app offers a convenient way for the public to book eye examinations anytime, as it is available 24/7. In addition, the app serves as an e-shop portal where members can purchase various eyecare items such as contact lenses and e-vouchers for their family and friends. 

The Essilor® Stellest® Lenses, Essilor’s newest generation of myopia control spectacle lenses, are designed to slow down the progression of myopia in children. In clinical studies, these lenses have been shown to reduce the rate of myopia progression by an average of 67% compared to single vision lenses when worn for at least 12 hours a day. Traditionally, myopia has been corrected with single-vision solutions, such as standard spectacles or contact lenses. However, correction alone is not enough, and control measures are necessary to slow down the rate at which myopia worsens over time.

The risk of developing eye diseases such as glaucoma, posterior subcapsular cataract, retinal detachment, and myopic maculopathy in adulthood is higher in people with myopia, and it can even lead to vision impairment. However, by managing myopia and slowing down its progression in children as early as possible, the lifelong risks of potential vision impairment due to these associated eye diseases can be reduced. The risk of developing high myopia also increases with early onset of myopia, making interventions critical at an early stage.

The H.A.L.T (Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target) Technology used in Essilor® Stellest® Lenses has been clinically proven to slow down myopia progression by 67% on average compared to single vision lenses, when worn for 12 hours a day. These lenses offer both myopia correction and sharp far vision through a single vision zone. The H.A.L.T. technology comprises 1,021 invisible aspherical lenslets that create a volume of myopia slow down signal in front of the child’s retina, which effectively slows down the elongation of the eye, leading to reduced myopia progression.

Three Reasons Why Spending Two Hours A Day Outdoors Helps To Slow Down Myopia Progression 

#1 Sunlight

Studies have shown that when sunlight comes in contacts with the retina, it causes the release of dopamine into the eye. This contributes to preventing the eye from elongating and therefore preventing the eye from growing too long, which is the main goal of myopia management.

#2 Vitamin D

The benefit of being under the sun is due to its invisible UVB light that triggers the production of Vitamin D, which helps smooth muscle tissue around the eye’s crystalline lens to support its proper function. This muscle helps focus light on the retina and may help maintain the proper eye shape and length between the lens and the retina, which can distort as the child’s eyes develop.

#3 Long-Distance Focusing

Prolonged near activities such as reading and screen time contribute to myopia onset and progression. On the other hand, spending time outdoors encourages your child to focus on distant objects that are more than an arm’s length away, such as trees in the park and balls flying through the while playing catch. 

Manage Kids’ Myopia Early With Regular Eye Examinations 

Kids’ myopia is a manageable condition if it is detected, intervened early, and maintained properly to ensure they enjoy healthy eyesight into adulthood.

As one of the leading myopia specialists in Singapore, W Optics® is poised to be the preferred optical store for families with kids by:

1. Designating 6 of their 13 stores as Myopia Centres, which are well-located in popular malls, such as Great World City, Forum the Shopping Mall, The Centrepoint, Vivocity, Marina Square, and Suntec City.

2. Accepting online booking via their W Optics® app, so patients can visit the centres on their preferred dates without delay.

3. Offering the most advanced clinical diagnostic equipment and a wide range of services including
kids myopia control assessment.

About The Consultation 

An optometrist will be assigned to examine your child’s vision and determine the myopia risk profile. This will take at least 30 minutes before the child proceeds to choose a spectacle frame in the store. The prescribed Essilor® Stellest® Lenses, which will be affixed to the chosen spectacle frame, can be collected within a week of the consultation.

Pricing And Promotion 

A pair of Essilor® Stellest® Lenses retails from S$580. Spectacle frames cost separately; starting price at $110 for a pair of Polaroid eyewear for kids.

For a limited period, every purchase of Essilor® Stellest® Lenses entitles customers to a complimentary upgrade to include Crizal® Prevencia® coating, which protects the eyes by filtering out harmful blue-violet light from digital screens.

Key Services

Book Now: make and management appointments for eye examinations and services such as kids myopia control assessment and contact lens fitting
E-Shop: a one-stop shop for eye care products (e.g., contact lenses, accessories, and e-vouchers)  
Happenings: find out the latest news, events, and promotions at W Optics®

W Optics® app is free to download on Apple and Android devices.

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