Paradise Group’s Chefs recreate their Signature Specialties with Singapore Inspirations from now to 31 August 2023


Singapore has established itself as a culinary haven, well-known for its diverse array of traditional and contemporary dishes, ranging from homemade delights to gourmet masterpieces over the past 50 years! What could be more fitting than commemorating the nation’s 58th birthday by embarking on a gastronomic journey to savour her finest flavours? The talented chefs at Paradise Group have ingeniously infused their specialties with Singaporean culinary influences. Gather your fellow food enthusiasts and indulge in the delectable National Day exclusives offered by Paradise Group!

The dishes are as follows: 

Taste Paradise

Steamed Dragon Grouper with Singapore’s Special Sauce in H.K Style 星洲酱蒸遇港蒸龙虎斑 $88.00 (U.P. $98.00): Boasting a firm and tender flesh, the dragon grouper is steamed together with a Singapore-style sauce. The sauce is a concoction of over eight herbs and spices, including lemongrass, ginger, big red chillies and more. It imbues the flesh with a tangy and subtle spicy note!

Nanyang Kopi-O Honey BBQ Spanish Iberico Pork 蜜烤南洋咖啡乌叉烧 $32 (U.P. $38.00): Baked over high heat, the pork shoulder is perfumed with the robust, full-bodied notes of the timeless coffee. The incredibly soft pork is roasted first, before being coated with the homemade coffee sauce, which is sweet with an aromatic hint in the background


Paradise Teochew

Braised Sliced Irish Fat Duck with Black Vinegar in Casserole 黑醋卤鸭煲 $32.00 (U.P. $38.00): Inspired by Pork Trotters in Black Vinegar. An ingredient used liberally in Chinese dishes, the black vinegar lends its tang and sharp flavour in this dish. The duck is first braised Teochew style for 1.5 hours, then bathed in a tangy black vinegar for another 10 minutes. Bentong ginger is also added to the braising liquid to add a slight heat. This hits the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. 

Singapore Chilli Crab wrapped in Egg White Crêpe 辣椒螃蟹石榴球 $36.80 (U.P. $42.80): The Singapore chilli crab follows the recipe used by Seafood Paradise, which has been perfected by the founder of Paradise Group over the past 20 years. The meat of the mud crabs is immersed in a velvety sauce that packs a fiery hit. The filling is then encased within a thin-layered egg white crepe.


Seafood Paradise

Crispy Dough Fritter Stuffed with Seafood Paste tossed with Salted Egg Yolk 咸蛋苏东油条 $11.80 (U.P. $13.80): Bound to appeal to both adults and kids, the dough fritter is filled generously with seafood paste, then garnished with sesame seeds. Not at all unctuous, the inside of the fritter is soft and fluffy, while the outside boasts a delightful crisp. It is then tossed with a silky and fragrant salted egg yolk sauce that gets an herbaceous lift from laksa leaves. 

Stewed Assorted Seafood in Singapore Laksa Broth 叻沙海鲜煲 $65.00 (U.P. $78.00): Brimming with prawns, mud crab, scallop and mussels, this dish is every seafood lover’s dream come true. Boasting tantalising notes of tangy and spicy, the house-made laksa sauce gets its thick consistency from the addition of coconut and full cream milk. The dish also comes with bean curd puffs, which soaks up the sauce.


Paradise Dynasty

Pan-fried Singapore Chilli Crab Bun 辣椒螃蟹生煎包 3pcs $11.80 (U.P. $13.80): The filling is a heavenly combo of Seafood Paradise’s chilli crab sauce and crab meat. The bottom of the bun is crispy while the interior is fluffy, offering an interesting textural contrast.

Braised Pork Rib with Singapore Tiger Beer 红烧虎啤排骨 $15.80 (U.P. $18.80): Fans of Tiger Beer can now enjoy a creative dish cooked with it. The loin ribs are marinated with the lager as well as other secret ingredients. The meat is first steamed to achieve a tender texture, then deep-fried to develop a crust, and finally stir-fried with a sauce that is a fusion of Tiger Beer and tomato sauce.


Canton Paradise

Crispy Kaya Bun 脆皮咖椰包3pcs $6.00 (U.P. $6.80): Crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside, this classic bun is stuffed with the fragrant coconut jam. The traditional kaya paste is not as sweet as its counterparts, as it is made with less sugar. It is also mixed with coconut milk powder for a lovely fragrance.

Steamed Kampong Chicken in Canton Style with H.K. Egg Noodle in Laksa Broth 叻沙水晶鸡全蛋银丝面 $10.80 (P. $12.80): Made with laksa paste, dried shrimps and laksa leaves, this broth is highly palatable and moreish. The chicken is cooked gently in the broth, and then coconut milk and powder are added to the mix. The egg noodles are al dente and provide a nice bite.


Paradise Classic

Singapore Style Rojak with Crisp-fried Chicken 罗惹脆脆鸡 $13.90 (U.P. $16.90): This comforting classic gets a surprise in the mix — deboned chicken thigh that is fried to golden-brown perfection. Crispy baked dough fritter, mango, turnip, cucumber and the chicken are tossed with a local-style rojak sauce made with prawn paste. Crushed peanuts are then sprinkled atop.

 Stir-fried Big Prawn Hokkien Mee with Prawn Broth 虾汤大虾福建面 $12.90 (U.P. $14.90): Thick yellow noodles and white bee hoon are cooked together with the restaurant’s signature prawn broth, which packs a sweet and savoury punch. The dish is complete with big succulent prawns.  

Beauty in The Pot

Mala Braised Kway Chap Broth (Twin Pot) 麻辣卤水粿汁汤(鸳鸯锅)$10.80 (U.P. $12.80): A harmonious fusion of Singaporeans’ favourites, the rich and hearty broth delivers an authentic Sichuan-inspired experience that leaves a tingling sensation on your palate.



Marbled Beef Kway Chap in Braised Beef Broth 肥牛红烧牛骨汤粿汁 $12.90 (U.P. $13.90): Indulge in the perfect blend of flavors and textures as tender marbled beef slices beautifully meld with smooth, wide rice noodles (kway chap) in LeNu’s signature braised beef broth.


Le Shrimp

Big Prawn & Ebiko Prawn Paste Thick Vermicelli in Satay Sauce 沙爹酱大虾虾滑粗米粉 $15.90 (U.P. $16.90): With its succulent prawns, delightful ebiko prawn paste, and slightly chewy vermicelli, all brought together by the luscious satay sauce, it promises an explosion of taste with every mouthful.


Bring your family and friends to enjoy this delectable National Day exclusives offered by Paradise Group!

Paradise Group’s National Day menus will be available from 24 July to 31 August 2023.

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